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10 Ways to Straighten Your Hair without Heat

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
10 Ways to Straighten Your Hair without Heat


It is understandable that you will want to straighten your hair. It is everyone’s dream to have stylish and good-looking hair and straight hair is good-looking. To straighten the hair, many women (and few men with long hair) go the extra mile by using several chemicals and heat. These are quite dangerous as far as hair health is concerned. Heat, in particular, can damage the hair in so many ways.

Such tools as blow-driers, ceramic straighteners, and hot curling irons cause damages to the hair in different ways. By consistently using these hot tools, you will be exposing your hair to so much trauma. With time, the hair will be stripped of essential moisture; the ends may start to split; and the entire hair will soon lose its attractive appearance. These problems are collectively referred to as hair damage.

From what we have described above, it may seem that straightening the hair is a bad idea. This is far from the truth. As has been mentioned earlier, straight hair can be sleek and very attractive. The problem, however, lies in the method used in straightening the hair. Bad chemicals and heat are the causes of damaged hair that results from straightening.

There is a good news! There are healthy ways to straighten the hair without heat or any of the bad chemicals that can cause hair damage. In this post, we are going to consider ten different ways you can straighten your hair without heat. These are healthy methods that will let you have those straight glossy hair without the risk of causing any sort of damage. The methods are as follows:


Use Straightening Shampoos and Conditioners

Straightening Shampoos

Getting your hair straight may be as simple as finding the right haircare products. It is very likely that you already have your favourite shampoo and conditioner but this may be the right time to shake things up. Even if your haircare products are great in most departments, you can change them if you truly want to straighten your hair without using heat.

There are shampoos and hair conditioners that are specially made to help straighten the hair. You can easily find them in the market when you are ready for a change. Most of these products are specially formulated to moisturize the hair and weigh down curls for straighter hair.

In addition to shampoos and conditioners, there are some other haircare products that promote straighter hair. There are leave-in conditioning products, hairsprays and oils that are specifically made to straighten hair. Invest in them and hope for the best result using them. Also note that using the products alone may not yield huge result but it is a good place to start. The other steps below will contribute individually.


Use Extra-Absorbent Towel

Experts say that hair straightening without heat works better on fine to medium hair texture that is slightly wavy or straight already. You will have to get your hair dry as early as you can and heat is not an option at all. This leaves you with few other options including towel drying. Towel drying is actually a healthy way to get the hair dry without exposing it to any risk of getting damaged.

With an ordinary towel, it may take hours to get your hair reasonably dry. This gets worse when you are using an old towel: it will not absorb moisture quickly and will take too long to get your hair dry. You can make things right by investing in extra-absorbent towel. There are lots of ultra-absorbent fabric options in the market and getting your hands on one will help to dry your hair faster and encourage heat-free hair straightening in the process.


Brush Your Wet Hair until It Is Dry

Brush Your Wet Hair

You may not want to use a blow dryer to dry your hair sometimes. It is actually a good thing. If you have the time, you can actually brush your wet hair until it becomes dry. While you are brushing your hair, the hair strands are being separated and moisture is being removed at the same time. It may take time to get the hair dry, but there are lots of advantages attached to this including hair straightening.

You can also brush your wet hair in spurts, taking five minute between each spurt to rest. It is also important that you brush your wet hair gently. The hair is not too strong when it is wet and can easily break if you brush it vigorously. Be gentle and the hair can straighten while you are brushing it.


Blow Dry with Cold Air and Brush


You can blow dry your hair as long as there is no heat involved. You can switch up your “blowout” method by using cool air instead of hot one to blow your hair. Most dryers have “cool” settings that you can use. You can divide your hair into sections and blow dry individually. Keep the blow-dryer about six inches away from your hair and ensure that it is moving continuously from root to tip.

A good trick that will help to straighten your hair while you are blow-drying with cool air is to brush with a flat paddle brush. This is quite tasking but when you do it the right way, it can straighten your hair significantly. Blowing with cool air will also take longer to get the hair dry so you have to start in time. You should also towel dry before using the blower and your brush.


Try Some Essential Oils 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are very helpful in managing all sorts of hair. They have several advantages and it is not surprising that they can also help to straighten hair. They achieve this by making the hair tamer and more responsive. Most essential oils are absorbed faster than most chemical conditioning products. Considering the fact that they do not pose any danger to the hair but helps to improve it in so many ways, you should certainly use them more.

Some really important essential oils that can help to straighten your hair include argan oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and macadamia oil. These oils help the hair in so many ways: they penetrate hair follicles to repair cells inside and also help to improve shine. By using the right quantity of essential oils for conditioning, you will straighten your hair without heat and treat damaged hair at the same time. 


Sleep With Your Hair Wet

This may sound like a crazy idea but it can actually help to straighten your hair. To be honest, it is truly a crazy idea but it works. The hair should not be too wet, however. You will need a hairband to make this happen. Tie a loose ponytail at the top of your hair first. Wrap your hair around the ponytail and secure it with another hair tie to create a bun shape.

If you are considering this option then you need to get a satin pillowcase. This will help to reduce friction against your hair as you sleep and move your head throughout the night. In the morning, your hair will look straighter once you let loose the ponytail. You can also brush the hair gently with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to straighten the hair further. 


Use Hair Masks That Promote Straight Hair

Use Hair Masks

We strongly believe hair mask is already part of your weekly hair treatment routine. If it is not then you are really missing and need to step up immediately. There are several benefits of using a diy hair mask and you can add heat-free hair straightening to the ones you know already. Once you know what to put together to make your hair mask, you can expect to get a straighter hair that look much better than what you will ever get with the heat.

Milk and honey mask made with essential oils like argan or coconut oil can help to straighten your hair meaningfully on a regular basis. Milk and egg mask can also be very helpful. Hair straightening mask can also be made with coconut oil and lemon juice. After applying the mask, you can wrap with a plastic material to retain moisture and make it absorb better. Leave-in hair mask can also be very helpful. You should use hair straightening masks once or twice a week for the best result.


Try a Serum

You’ve probably heard so many wonderful things about serums. You can also add heat-free hair straightening to the benefits you know already. Serums are really the thing good hair are made of so you can trust them to help get your hair straighter. To get the best from serums in terms of hair straightening, you need to use them the right way.

Firstly, you need to towel-dry your hair. Afterwards, run a drop or two of serum through your hair before air drying. Serum will not only help to make your hair straighter; it will also leave your hair looking glossy, shiny and silky-smooth.


Roll Your Hair with Jumbo Rollers

Roll your hair

Hair rolling is one of the oldest methods of straightening the hair and it is still a very efficient way to straighten your hair without using heat or any of the damaging chemicals in the market. Depending on the length of your hair, there are different sizes of plastic rollers that will help to straighten it. For the best result, use plastic rollers that are relatively large: there are some that are called jumbo rollers (they are about the size of soda cans). Use these really large rollers, especially if your hair is long.

For the best result, six of these large plastic rollers should be used. Divide your hair into six different sections. Roll the different sections firmly until you get to the roots. Secure the rollers tightly with large clips. It is best that you sleep with the rollers in your hair but if you are not comfortable with the idea, make sure you leave them in the hair for at least four hours before taking them off.


Use Hair Ties to Straighten Hair

Hair ties can also be used to straighten the hair without applying any sort of heat. This is best done when the hair is damp. You can start by showering or rinsing the hair briefly in a sink. Divide your hair into two sections afterwards. Tie each ponytail first at the base of your neck. Tie another pair of hair ties about two inches below the ones at the base of your neck. Tie extra pairs few inches apart until you get to the end of your hair.

For the best result, sleep with the hair ties. In the morning, take them out and brush gently to straighten your hair.


Straight hair looks nice and beautiful. There is no need, however, to damage your hair with heat in a bid to make it straighter. With the ten methods described above, you can straighten your hair without heat and the danger of hair damage. Try them out. They are well worth it!  

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