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6 Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Your Hair

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
Amazing Hair Facts

The hair acts as thermal insulating protection for the head. It remains the second fastest growing tissue in the body, after the bone marrow. The moment you pluck a hair from its follicle, a new one starts growing immediately. It consists of 50 percent carbon, 17 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and 5 percent sulphur, and 6 percent hydrogen.

Our hair is something we hold to a high level of importance. We may know how to color, style, or cut our hair. However, there are a lot of weird and unique things about the hair that we rarely give a second thought.

Do you think you know everything about your hair? Think again! Here are some amazing facts you may not know about your hair that will blow your mind.

Hair Is Made Of Keratin

Our hair is made up of mostly Keratin. Keratin is the same type of protein which is found on the outer layer of our skin as well as fingernails. Surprisingly, animals’ horn, hooves, claws, beaks, and feathers are made of Keratin.

Hair Grow Faster in Warm Climates

Heat is known to stimulate circulation of blood in the body as well as the scalp. Thus, encouraging the hair to grow quickly. Although, diet and genetics play a huge role in hair growth. Nonetheless, your hair has increase chances of growing faster when you live in places with warm climates.

Wet Strand can Stretch

Furthermore, wet strands of hair are capable of stretching about 30% of their normal length. This is why you see that the wet hair you recently cut appears longer and shrinks back after blow-drying the hair. But, why is this so? Water stretches the hair, thus, making it longer than its natural length.

Hair Contains Important Information for Forensic Evidence

Just like your blood, hair also contains a lot of information. Your hair can reveal information about every substance that has been in your bloodstream, including drugs. Your tiny hair strand can be used to determine what you eat, drink, as well as the environment you live in. No wonder, the hair is one of the most commonly used elements when gathering forensic evidence.

Hair Can Support Weight

The hair can support about 100 grams of weight. Putting this into perspective, If every strand of hair you have can support up to 100g of weight and each person has an average of more than 100 000 strands of hair on their scalp. Hence, your entire head can support a weight equivalent to two elephants. Amazing!

Blow-Drying Changes Everything

How often do you blow-dry your hair? Blow drying changes the shape of the hair by altering the hydrogen bonds. Water also alters the hydrogen bonds, thus, making the hair flatter when you take your bath or shower. Humidity or water in the air can also change your hair structure and silkiness. This is the major cause of puffy or frizzy hair.


There you have it! Above are some amazing facts you may not know about the hair. Do you have other mind-blowing facts about the hair? Kindly share in the comment section.



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