Argan Oil Hair Color Review – Royal Formula
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Argan Oil Hair Color Review

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
Argan Oil Hair Color Review


There are different reasons you may want to color your hair. Whether it is meant to hide your gray hair or you just want your hair to look different, it is important that you use the right products on your hair at all times. It can be a little tough to find the perfect hair color considering the fact that there are different products available in the market. Argan oil hair color, however, seems to be a really great product.


What Is Special About Argan Oil Hair Color?

Argan oil hair color is a product that features fine vibrant colors infused with the well-known argan oil. It is an amazing product that will not only help you get your desired hair color but also improves the condition of your hair generally.

The hair color is wonderful because it is perfectly formulated with argan oil which is from Morocco and considered one of the most precious oils in the world in terms of hair care. With argan oil and the other ingredients in the product, you will obtain the following benefits:

The Perfect Hair Coloring:

Whether your intention is to have a memorable hair color for a particular occasion or cover your gray hair, you will get your desired hair color and the perfect shade of the color too. There are actually 30 different colors to select from.

Hydration of Hair:

When you color your hair with argan oil hair color, the oil penetrates your hair and leave behind essential fatty acids that will help each strand hold more moisture. This is helpful for thirsty hair and you will notice the difference immediately after using the product.

Repair of Damaged Hair:

For a damaged hair, using a hair color may sound like a very bad idea. Most stylists will advise that you treat your damaged hair before using any hair color. Thankfully, you can do the two with argan oil hair color. The argan oil in the hair color plays a significant role in the treatment of damaged hair as it helps to deeply condition the hair too.

Strengthen All Hair Types:

To strengthen your hair, you need to use the right products at all times. This is exactly what argan oil hair color can do for you. It penetrates the hair shaft and helps to strengthen it from the inside, ensuring that your hair looks healthier and shinier.


Using Argan Oil Hair Color

When you finally decide to settle for argan oil hair color, you need to use it the right way for the best possible result. To help make this possible, there is an argan oil hair color chart that will let you select from the different tonal series. You will get the perfect color for your hair.


Mixing the Hair Color

Argan Oil Mixing the Hair Color

Argan oil hair color comes with the developer and mixing instruction is printed inside the pack. The mixing ratio is 1:2. One part of hair color to be mixed with two parts of the developer. An ounce of argan oil cream and two ounces of developer will always be enough for medium-long hair.

For an application of the hair color, there are two different procedures to follow depending on the condition of your hair: for first time application and for retouching the color.

For first time application, split the hair into four even sections. Apply the color on each section, ensuring that they are completely covered except the scalp area. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Apply the color to the scalp area and allow it to sit for another 15 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition your hair. You can also use argan oil hair mask afterward.

For retouching the hair color, divide your hair into four even sections and apply the color only on the regrowth. Let it sit for 30 minutes (or 40 minutes if the purpose is to cover gray hair). Rinse, shampoo and condition your hair afterward. You can also use argan oil hair mask to improve the hair generally.


Possible Side Effects

There are no known possible side effects of argan oil hair color. It seems like a pretty great product that will not only let you get the right hair color but also make your hair healthier and better looking.

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