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How to Pick the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
How to Pick the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Your hair color has a huge influence on your overall appearance which is why figuring out the best color for your skin tone is such an important task. It is not always easy, however. Deciding between blond, brown, and red is tough work already and coming down to the spectrum of tones that exist within each hue is so much tougher. When you find the right color for your skin tone, the result will be so great that you will forget all the troubles you went through to achieve it.

The first step towards finding the right color for your skin tone is to determine your skin tone. If you already know this, congratulations! If you do not know your skin tone, here is a step by step approach on zeroing in on your shade:

  • Wash your face completely
  • Choose a well-lit room for a color test to avoid interference caused by lights
  • Take a shirt in the bright shade of blue or green and hold against your face: repeat this with a shirt in the shade of red or yellow. If your skin looks better against the first shirt (blue or green), you have a cool toned skin. If your skin look better against the second shirt (red or yellow), you have a warm-toned skin.
  • Alternatively, you can check your skin tone by examining the veins in your wrist. If the veins are blue or purple, you are likely cool-toned. If the veins are green, you are likely on the side of warmer skin tone.

skin tone

Cool Skin Tones

If you determine that you have a cool skin tone, you need to go for hair colors that are warm and rich. Such hair colors will help you to avoid looking washed out. Some of the colors that will complement your skin tone perfectly will have such words as ‘warm’, ‘honey’, or ‘chocolate’ as part of their names.

At this point, whether your skin is very pale or very dark does not matter so much. The aim is to choose a hair color that will balance it out. If you want a blond hair, go for such shades as gold, caramel, strawberry, copper, amber, honey, and butterscotch. Avoid colors like ashy blond, silvery champagne, or platinum. When you want a dark hair color that will match your cool undertone, opt for shades with rich, chocolate hue.  Also, avoid pure black hue.

Warm Skin Tones

If you found out that you have a warm skin tone, the best hair colors that will complement your skin are cool tones. You will find the word ‘cool’ or ‘ash’ in the title of such colors that will match your skin tone perfectly.

The exact color of your skin will not matter so much now. For pale blond shade, you can choose such colors as champagne, platinum, beige, silver, ash, and sand. If you decide to go for darker hair color, choose fawn-colored brunette or red in the cooler shade to complement your tone. Such shades as true red, rich black-brown, auburn, and burgundy can be very cool.


Changing your hair color can be fun but gone are the days you can just pick any color that comes to your mind. To make the right fashion statement, you need to pick hair colors that best suit your skin tone. Following the little information above, you can determine your skin tone and the perfect shades for it.


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