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How to Repair Dry Damaged Hair Fast

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
How to Repair Dry Damaged Hair Fast

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is a dry and damaged hair. It comes with loads of other problems that can cause embarrassment. Your hair may look dull, brittle and lifeless and no matter how much you try to style it, may never really look stylish.

Another sad thing about the hair is that it can damage quite easily but takes relatively too long to get back to good health. Some people spend so much trying to restore their hair to its beautiful feel and texture without seeing good result. Some hair treatments may even worsen the situation to the extent that you may start considering shearing off your hair.

There is no need to fret, however, as there are proven ways to deal with dry damaged hair and achieve quick result without spending so much. The key to repairing dry damaged hair fast is to realize early and start intervention as soon as possible. Before we dive into how to repair damaged hair fast, let us take a look at the signs of hair damage.


Signs of Hair Damage

You don’t have to wait until someone tells you that your hair is damaged. There are certain signs that you have to watch out for and we will consider them briefly:

Dulled Shine

Your hair will lack shine when it is damaged. Even when you condition it, you will notice that it doesn’t shine as it should and this is normally because of damaged cuticles.

Excessive Breakage

It is normal for hair to snap when you are combing but if this is excessive, you will know. It is probably damaged when you see much hairs on the comb or the hair breaks when you run your finger through it.

Excessive Tangle

When the hair cuticles are damaged, they are more likely to get tangled up and result to knots. The dry tangles are often the reason the hair snap easily.

Lack of Elasticity

Damaged hair are less elastic than healthy ones. This is why they break easily. They are unable to stretch as much as they should and this is a clear sign of damage.

Lack of Moisture

It is true that not every dry hair is damaged, but you need to realize that most damaged hair are dry. If your hair is not naturally dry and it starts getting dry suddenly, then it is probably damaged.

Rough Texture

A damaged hair will normally feel rough. You can check the texture of your hair simply by holding it down and running the ends through your fingers. If it is too rough then it is probably damaged.

Split Ends

You can check for split ends yourself. Simply take out a bit and twist gently. Observe the ends that sticks out carefully. If it is split in two, the hair is truly damaged.

Knowing the signs of a damaged hair is a good thing so that you realize early and start your intervention but it is also important that you understand what could be the cause of your dry damaged hair.


Causes of Hair Damage and Dryness

Even if you know what damaged your hair, it is still important that you read through this section to know the other possible causes. This will help you to care for your hair better and eliminate the chances of ruining it again after it has been restored. So here are the major causes of hair damage:


There are several reasons you may want to bleach your hair but you need to realize that it is quite risky. When you bleach the hair, what basically happens is that you literally force your cuticles open to remove hair pigment. When this is achieved, the cuticles are weakened and prone to split ends and breaking. At this point, the hair start getting dry and dull since there is no way of sealing moisture. Some bleaching methods also involve the use of heat and this is another factor that can cause further damage to the hair.


Hair coloring is another thing that many do not understand how far it can damage the hair. Most hair dyes are made with chemicals that damage hair and their effect can be very difficult to reverse. This is especially true for permanent dyes. They damage hair shaft and can even expose your hair cortex.

Over Brushing

You need to brush your hair to make it look nice but you just need to be careful so that you don’t do it too much. Brushing involves friction and when it is done too much, it can cause breakage and split hair. This is especially true when you use cheap brushes that have the tendency of getting caught in the hair.

Over Shampooing

You shampoo your hair to get the scalp cleansed and get rid of dirt and excess oil in the hair. While this is a great way to care for your hair, it can also expose the hair to damage when you do it too often. It is possible that excessive shampooing will strip away much of the natural oil that keep the hair nourished. This will make the hair to become dry and brittle.


Those that may want to change the structure of their hair for any reason normally perm the hair. The chemicals used in this process can be very effective in restructuring your hair to appear straight or curly, but they are also efficient in weakening your hair shaft. They will eventually damage your cuticle and make your natural hair porous.

Use of Some Hair Tools 

There are some tools that can be really helpful in hair styling but have real repercussion on your hair depending on how you use them. Such tools as blow dryer, curling irons, and flat irons may cause damage to your hair when you use them too often. Generally, heat is not so great for your hair so whenever you need to apply heat for the sake of styling, make sure it is minimal and don’t do it too often as it can open up your cuticle and dry up moisture.

Use of Bad Hair Products

This is the most significant factor you need to pay attention to. There are several hair products that contain such things as alcohol, paraben, sodium, and sulfate. These chemicals can cause real damage to your hair and you need to avoid them. Make sure you check any product you need to buy carefully to see that they do not contain these substances.


How to Repair Dry Damaged Hair Fast

You have different options when it comes to repairing dry damaged hair. If you have all the money you can go to your favorite stylist but if you are ready to do it yourself, we will consider some proven ways to go about it here.

Learn To Use Conditioners the Right Way

You have to start your hair repairing effort by learning how to use hair conditioner the right way. It is important that you do not focus just on the damaged tips but to work your way up from it. This will also stop the damage from progressing. It is understandable that you may be afraid to add conditioners to your root, but there are some really safe products that offer deep conditioner treatments that repair and hydrate dry damaged hair like Argan oil hair Mask.

Change Your Hair Products

As you know, your hair products may have played a huge role in damaging your hair and you need to get rid of them to know exactly what is causing the problems. Even when your hair products do not seem to be causing problems, if they don’t improve the condition and manageability of your hair, you need to change them and try things that can work. It is always advisable to try natural products.

Choose Your Oils Carefully

We all know how wonderful oil can make our hair look, but it is important that you choose your oil products carefully. Argan oils are believed to be excellent choices. Use them on the damaged area as leave in hair mask for dry hair and they can help to get your hair back to a healthy state.

Be Gentle With Your Hair

There are some simple things that can contribute to hair damage that we do not pay attention to like excessive brushing and aggressive handling of the hair. When you are drying with a towel, for instance, it is important that you do it gently since the hair is more fragile when it is wet. Also use quality combs to brush gently.

Avoid Hot Styling Tools

When you use your hot styling tools carefully, they may not cause much damage but once you notice any sign of damage, it is time to get rid of the hot tools like blow dryer, curling irons, and flat irons. They will damage your hair further when you use them. When you start repairing your dry damaged hair, keep your hot tools where you can’t reach them. Let your hair dry out naturally.

Opt For Simple Hair Styling

Now that you have to repair your damaged hair, that should be your priority. There are some hair styles you may have to forget now for the benefit of your damaged hair. Avoid such hairstyle that will require lots of products to keep them in place. In fact, a simple hairstyle at this point should be the norm. Even when you have to style, go for simple styling products. Also check the labels of such products to ensure that they do not contain any chemical that will irritate and cause more damage to your hair. Some natural oil like Argan can be used in hair mask for damaged hair DIY.

Consume Protein-Rich Foods

Changing your diet for your hair may sound like a crazy idea but it may be necessary if you want to repair dry damaged hair fast. Foods like fish, eggs, yogurt, and soy are some of the best foods you should eat at this point. They contain the necessary protein that can nourish your hair back to life. You can also try foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, chia seeds, and some plant oils. When eating protein-rich foods, try to moisturize your hair with some Hair and scalp mask.

Use Treatment Masks to Rescue Your Damaged Hair

This is the most significant thing you can do to repair your dry damaged hair fast. Hydrating products can rescue your damaged hair but you need to be careful with the products you buy. You need to ensure that they have restorative and moisturizing properties.

Some products that are made with simple natural oils like argan oil, olive oil, and shea butter are usually very good. You can try the hair mask for damaged hair DIY twice per week. You can use Argan oil hair mask once in a week if you prefer to use it as an overnight leave in hair mask. When you want use it as a regular hair and scalp mask, you can apply the treatment twice in a week and wash after about an hour.

Oil treatments do not only treat your damaged hair: they can also be DIY dandruff hair mask. They will improve moisture and shine, as well as improve hair condition and manageability. They may also promote natural hair growth even as your hair is restored back to its healthy state.

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