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Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts: All You Need To Know

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts: All You Need To Know

Have you been considering an anti-frizz treatment for your hair? The warm weather can wreak havoc on your lovely hair. Your fabulous hair strands will become frizzy all of a sudden. Brazilian Blowouts and keratin treatments are wonderful hair smoothing treatments that can help save your hair.

What’s more, your gorgeous strands can quickly become frizzy when moisture from the air enters the hair strand. Brazilian Blowouts and keratin treatments are the right hair smoothing treatment procedures that can help save the day. Although, it is important to know the difference between both treatments. With this, you can choose the right treatment for your hair.

What are Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts?

A keratin treatment and a Brazilian blowout are both hair-smoothing treatments. These treatments coat the outer layer of the hair temporarily to smoothen the hair, remove frizz, and improve shine. The treatment will also help decrease the time it takes to blow-dry your hair. They also use the same ingredients to get the job done.

Furthermore, both treatments can be likened with Coke and Pepsi. Besides the name and the ingredients used to carry out both hair smoothing treatments, there is no much difference between the two. If done right, the treatments are guaranteed to eliminate your frizzy hair and smoothen your locks.

What is the Difference between Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts?

The aim of both treatments is to eliminate frizz and smoothen your locks. However, there is a difference in the intensity of both treatments. Brazilian Blowouts has a lesser intensity. It will remove the frizz while leaving your natural curly or wavy hair.

On the other hand, Keratin treatment is heavier. It will take way more volume and frizz. The keratin procedure will also calm your curls. With Keratin treatment, you will achieve a more smoothened and deep-conditioning effect on your hair.

What’s more, both treatment also varies in their downtime. After the keratin treatment, it is advisable that you do not tie your hair up. Also, you should not wash the hair within the next three to four days. However, if you do a Brazilian Blowouts, you can continue with your regular hair styling routine.

Overall, the difference is often caused by the brand used by your hair stylist. Both treatments usually contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. However, Keratin treatment contains less harsh chemical and silicones. Hence, it will have less effect on your hair.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatment procedure involves preparing your hair for the treatment by washing and drying the hair. The stylish will start by cleansing your hair. This will help remove any residual grime or buildup.

Next, the hair stylists will apply a special keratin solution throughout your hair, while ensuring that the keratin is evenly distributed. The mixture will be left for a couple of minutes so that it can penetrate your strands. This also helps repair your hair, in case your hair is frizzy, broken, or damaged.

In addition, the keratin solution will help fill gaps, cracks, and holes in your hair strands. With this, your hair will become smoothened out. The solution will also help resist excess moisture absorption, thus, preventing frizziness.

Some stylists also use straightening solution during the treatment. The Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set remains the ideal product to use for your keratin treatment. It is free of sulfate and other chemicals. The product is safer for your hair compared with smoothening products. Above all, the shampoo will promote hair growth.

Applying the keratin solution, the stylist will blow-dry your hair after. This will help negate the wetness in your hair. Next, a flat-iron will be used to seal the keratin solution into your hair. You just have to sit back while the stylist handles the entire process involved. With the Brazilian blowout and keratin treatments, your hair will look softer, smoother, fabulous, and shiny.

Post-Treatment Care for Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts

Just like the actual process, post-treatment care is also important to achieve a lasting result. Generally, your hair stylist will recommend that you wait for about 12 hours before washing your hair. In the case of keratin treatment, the waiting period may extend to 3 days.

However, when you wash your hair, it is advisable to use a sulfate-free formula. You can use hair mask and deep conditioning to protect your hair and repair damaged hair.. You should also reduce the number of times you wash or shampoo your hair every week. This will help you achieve long-lasting results.

Also, try as much as possible to desist from using hair products that contain sodium chloride (salt). These products can make your hair to frizz faster. Do not swim in the pool and ocean. All these will help in preserving your new texture.

What Is The Cost Of These Hair Smoothing Treatments?

For any lady that experience incessantly frizzy hair, a smoothing treatment can be a sensible investment. Salon services like a keratin treatment or a Brazilian Blowout usually cost an average of $250. However, your hair will remain smooth, shiny, and more manageable for the next couple of months.

In addition, both treatments will save you the time and cost you spend on buying and styling your hair with frizz-fighting products which never really work. Notwithstanding the cost, the keratin treatment or Brazilian Blowout is a worthwhile investment for your hair.

Is Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts Safe For All Kinds Of Hair?

Interestingly, Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments are perfect for all types of hair. Whether you have curly, wavy, kinky, frizzy, fine, wavy, or coarse hair, you can use any of these smoothing treatments to eliminate frizz and smoothen your hair.

Also, if you have porous hair, the treatments will help reduce drying and keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Most importantly, your hair will look smooth, shiny, and stunning after the hair treatment. This is just the right way to boost your hair shine.

What Are The Recommend Shampoo And Conditioner For You To Use Post Treatment?

Using a product with sulfate and other chemicals can damage your hair and cause frizz. You need to be sure that any shampoo or conditioner you are using is sulfate-free. Hairstylists also recommend using hair masks to improve your hair condition.

After the Brazilian Blowouts and keratin treatments, it is possible that your hair gets damaged as a result of the chemicals contained in the keratin mixture. You can protect your hair using hair masks and deep conditioning hair treatments. Even if your hair is damaged in the process, the hair mask will help repair it.

How Long Does Keratin Treatments Last?

Keratin Treatments usually last between three to six months, depending on how often you shampoo or condition your hair. However, the treatment will last longer if you make use of sulfate-free shampoos.

How Many Times Can You Get Keratin Treatments In a Year Without Damaging Your Hair?

Keratin treatments can be done twice or thrice a year. The treatments aren’t cheap though. However, one keratin treatment can last you for about six months.

Will Both Treatments Make Your Hair Too Straight?

No, the Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts will not make your hair strands permanently straight. They are different from permanent chemical straighteners. All they do is to smoothen the hair and remove frizz.

Why Should You Consider Keratin Treatments or Brazilian Blowouts?

A traditional keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowouts aims to straighten the hair and eliminate frizz. They are more effective compared to ordinary smoothing treatments. When done correctly, the entire process will straighten out your hair texture and remove frizz completely for about three to six months.


Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts remain the best anti-frizz treatment you can give your hair. However, always ensure that the shampoo you are using is sulfate-free. Irrespective of the hair smoothing treatment you end up choosing, ensure that it is done by a professional stylist. Take time to research reputable salons in your area that offer these hair smoothing treatments. You will surely get the excellent results you always desire, without sacrificing the health or nature of your hair. 

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