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5 Ways to Make Your Wavy Hair Look Curlier

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
make your hair curl

Curly hair looks stylish and fascinating. Mere seeing those lovely curls on another person’s head can get you envious. Luckily, regardless of your hair texture or length, you can also achieve the extra curls you always desired.

If you have wavy hair but will love to make your hair curlier, this article is for you. Below are some tips to make your wavy hair look curlier.


An excellent way to make your wavy hair look curlier is by scrunching. Scrunching involves using your fingers to gently squeeze the ends of your curls up to the roots. This will help create an accordion effect. You can include scrunching as your hair routine, be it while conditioning, drying, or styling the hair.

However, the hair can easily form curls when it absorbs moisture. You can achieve better results by scrunching your hair with your towel when the hair is wet or after getting out of the shower. Besides, scrunching your hair with your styling products or hot iron tool will help make the curls last longer.


Furthermore, you can make your hair curlier by diffusing the hair. A diffuser is a hair tool which is attached to the blow dryer. Diffusing is similar to scrunching. However, the diffuser handles everything for you by applying heat. Since you won’t be using any hot iron, achieving curlier hair through diffusing is safer for your hair.

Pin Curl

In addition, you can use pins to make your hair curlier. These pin curls can be used to spot-treat wavy hair that looks frizzy. After washing your hair, leave it for some minutes to dry partially. Twist the hair into a little bun and secure them with bobby pins. Once your hair is dry, carefully remove the bobby pins. You will have your curls.

Healthy Hair Care

Taking adequate care of your hair can also help you achieve curls. The healthy hair care method involves giving up elements that can damage your hair. Avoid shampoos and hair care products that contain sulfates and silicones. The Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set is the ideal product for your hair. Avoid applying heat to your hair. Even if you need to use these hair care products, only use them sparingly, for instance, once a month.

Trimming or Cutting

Lasting, you can also achieve curls by cutting or trimming your hair frequently. When your hair is long, the hair becomes heavy and starts pulling natural curls down. Thus, cutting from time to time will help keep your curls bouncing. However, ensure that your stylist understands the texture and natural pattern of your hair. This makes it possible to style the curls easily.


There you have it! Above are a couple of tips to make your wavy hair look curlier. No matter the texture, style, or length of your hair, you can also achieve curly hair. However, when trying to achieve curls, don’t wash your hair daily. This will help create a natural volume for hair. It will also boost your curls. By following the tips above, you can also make your hair curlier.

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