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All You Need To Know About Blonde Hair

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
All You Need To Know About Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is beautiful, no doubt. For individuals that are interested in changing their hair colors, blonde is always the dyed hair color of choice. Finding where to get your hair dyed blonde shouldn’t be a real issue. There are lots of stylists that can help you with that but the process is not as simple as walking into a beauty salon and coming with a wonderfully looking blonde hair. There are lots of factors that go into getting the right blonde look. Whether you are going blonde for the first time or hoping to revamp your already blonde hair, there are several things you need to know before visiting your stylist.

From the role of your natural skin tone to the maintenance of your potential blonde look, we will try to discuss everything you need to know about blonde hair in this post. By carefully going over the entire article, you should be able to make an informed decision about your blonde look. By understanding the most important things about blonde hairs, you can make things a lot easier for your stylist during the process of dying and for yourself when it comes to maintaining your new look. We will discuss the things you need to know in subsections that are not arranged in any particular order of importance. Digest the information carefully:

Blonde Is Not Universal

You probably know by now that blonde is not universal. We are stressing this so that you make things easier for your hair stylist. There is a broad spectrum of shades that fall under the blonde hue and you may not even be certain of the name of the shade you want. It is always best to have some kind of visuals to help your stylist determine how to give you the exact look you desire. From the icy white strands of a platinum blonde to the golden blonde tones, your stylist will be able to determine the right shade to use when you have the right photos of what you want and what you don’t want. Keeping everyone on the same page will save you time and money in most instances.

Do Not Try To DIY

There are so many things you can do on your own; do not include going blonde part of it. You do not want to mess around when it comes to brightening your hair color as things can go wrong faster than you expect. You do not want to end up with brassy strands or mismatched highlights so avoid the urge to DIY.

Unless you are a professional hair stylist or have a friend who is a professional, it is best to visit a salon for your hair coloring. Even that wonderful that is great at everything may turn out to be very terrible when you enlist her to help with dying your hair blonde. A professional hair stylist is the best person to handle your hair and give you the blonde look you hope for.

Your Natural Hair Color Matters

When you are trying to go blonde, the natural color of your hair will determine how things will be approached. Going blonde the healthy way doesn’t happen overnight. This is another reason you need a professional stylist. Though it is possible to go from darker strands to bright blonde, there are some implications you may not like. If your hair is naturally dark, it may take time and several salon sessions to reach your desired shade. Your stylist will look at the condition of your hair and suggest a transition plan to get your hair to the color you desire. This plan is made with the goal of achieving the shade you want within a timeframe that will not undermine the overall health of your hair.

Your Skin Tone Should Determine Your Color Choice

As you know already, there are different shades of blonde. While several of the shades may look good on you, not all of them will suit you. To choose the right color for the best look, you need to consider your skin tone. Individuals with cooler skin tones look better with ashy, pearlescent shades while those with warmer skin tones look better with golden hues. The general rule is to go for opposing tones that will complement your skin tone.

Blonde Hair Can Be Pricey

If you are not a natural blonde, going blonde will cost you some real money. There are several factors that make the look pricey. For a start, there may be a need for several salon visits before you complete your hair color journey. Trying to minimize the number of salon sessions may hurt your hair so you need to visit as many times as required. After getting the hue you desire, there is a need to maintain the color. If, for instance, you dye your hair platinum blonde, you may need to dye the roots every four weeks or six weeks at most. The frequency of the routine will depend on how fast your hair grows, your natural hair color, and how the outgrown roots bother you.

Asides from trying to cover up your outgrown roots, you will need to upgrade your haircare routine. Any shampoo will not do when it comes to taking care of your blonde. You will need the right purple shampoo to keep your blonde hair looking as shiny and as vibrant as possible. You will also need some other hair care products that aren’t cheap to maintain your blonde and keep it fresh.

Your Hair Will Need Some TLC

You need to keep your hair healthy but excessive bleaching has several negative implications on the overall health of your hair. It is important to protect your hair from heat, keep it hydrated, and fight breakages. To protect your blonde hair, you need to do several things including treating it to a hydrating hair mask. You need to restore balance to your hair strands and keep it moisturized at all times. You should also try to protect the hair from chlorine in swimming pools. Hair bonding additive or service may also be necessary to protect your blonde hair. You may also need some in-shower treatment like Ph-Bonder Post-Service Perfector to keep your hair strong in-between your appointments.

You May Need To Change Your Makeup

Another important thing you need to know is that going blonde may also mean you need to make some major changes in your makeup kit. Your haircolor will influence your makeup look so there may be a need to swap out shades of your eyebrow pencil or change your eyeliner colors. There may be a need for several important changes and a make-up consultation may be required if you are going blonde for the first.

Your Hair Texture Might Change

This is one of the consequences of hair bleaching. When you keep dyeing your hair blonde, your natural hair texture may change. If you have a curly hair, you may notice that your ends are becoming straighter and drier. Others with straight hair may notice that their hair’s cuticle has been roughened up and will notice more volume. Working with a professional stylist and taking good care of your blonde can be very helpful to avoid this.

Blonde Jokes Are Real

This is more of a social factor and not real consequence. There are people that like to make jokes about blondes, especially when they know you are not a natural blonde. If you are too sensitive to handle some of the dumb jokes and stereotypical comments about blondes, you may want to reconsider the idea. You can choose to ignore the jokes and rock the perfect blonde hair.

There Is Risk of Hair Damage

Of all the hair coloring methods, bleaching is the most damaging. Going blonde comes with the risk of your hair becoming damaged. This is why you need to get the help of a professional hair stylist. It is also important to listen to your hair stylist and stick to the transition plan he/she recommends when going blonde. Excessive bleaching or trying to go blonde on your own can lead to breakages that may require cutting your hair to correct the damage. Severe damage may even make your hair strands to fall out from the root.

Be Totally Honest With Your Stylist

When you go for your hair coloring appointment, it is important that you be completely honest with your stylist. The stylist may want to know about your previous experiences with hair coloring attempts. Be totally honest so that the stylist will have a good idea of the condition of your hair and how best to treat it in order to avoid damages.


How Blonde Do You Want To Go?

Having discussed the major consequences of going blonde, we will discuss the different options you have and the important things you need to know about them:

Blonde Highlights

This best fits those that are naturally dark and want to lighten up a bit without going all blonde. Pops of blonde is also good for individuals that want to add more volume. There is a wide range of options for this including babylights, balayage, highlights using foils, tissue lights, and lowlights. Take some photos to your stylist to make things easier. Your hair will need a little extra hydration each week to keep your blonde highlights fresh.

Bronde/Dark Blonde

This is basically a combination of blonde and brown shade and is perfect for individuals that want natural color with a bit of interest and movement. Dark blonde requires low commitment and it may be the perfect option if you are a natural brunette. With Balayage, the natural lift that can enhance the movement in the hair can be obtained. To keep the dark blonde in a great condition, use a gentle shampoo, a shine serum, and a hard-working leave in conditioner.

Golden Blonde

The golden blonde shade is perfect for individuals that have warm skin tones. It will also complement your wardrobe if you wear lots of nude, coral and green. If you are a natural brunette or have red or black hair, it may take a number of sessions to get to this hair color and it is important that you stick to the plan of your hair stylist. Maintaining the look is more demanding: bonding treatment, strengthening serum, and hair mask treatments are always helpful.

Ash Blonde

This is perfect for individuals with cool skin tones. It will normally take repeated color appointments to achieve this shade so you need to exercise patience to get what you want. It will also take a lot of effort to keep your ash blonde shiny and in great condition. You may need some in-salon treatments and shampoo swaps to keep it fresh. Hair mask treatment is always helpful. deep conditioning and regular trims are also necessary.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde will work for anyone that is bold enough for it. There may be a need to detail the tone, however, to fit your skin tone perfectly. Ashy platinum will be ideal for cooler skin tones while vanilla or sandy platinum blonde will be perfect for warmer skin tones. Achieving and maintaining this shade takes time and effort. A pre-lightener will need to be applied to every strand so your hair must be healthy enough to withstand the treatment. Regrowths are often obvious so you need regular top-ups afterward. For aftercare, you will need a silver shampoo. You may also need a platinum specific leave-in treatment to help keep your hair healthy.


Going blonde is an interesting choice. There are many things you need to know before making the decision and we have discussed the most critical ones. Make sure you are up for it before becoming a blonde.



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