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13 Top Tricks That Will Make Growing Out Your Hair Way Faster

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
13 Top Tricks That Will Make Growing Out Your Hair Way Faster

Do you wish to grow your hair really long? There are lengths that seem too much, but they are real and amazing. How about an ass-grazing length that will make people stare in awe? This is achievable, though not easily. There are several tricks that can help you grow your hair really, really long. While some of these tricks will be familiar to you, others may seem too bizarre. These are very efficient tricks and you must digest the information clearly if you intend to grow the kind of long hair that attracts the right attention:

Give It Time: It Can’t Grow Overnight

Actually, this is not a trick. It is rather the truth about hair growth that many will like to circumvent at times. You have to bear this in mind when you want to grow really long healthy hair. There are lots of products with the promise of making your hair grow faster. Several individuals will also tell you that they can help you gain incredible length in record time. While there may be some elements of truth in such promises, there may be some consequences you wouldn’t know at the initial stage. Knowing that hair takes time to grow, you need to give your own time to grow. It may be at a rate of between a quarter of an inch and half of an inch per month, but you will have what you want in time. There are people that have taken years to grow their hair to their current length. Being patient is the key. Your hair also needs to be healthy before it can grow maximally in a healthy manner. Do everything considered healthy to grow your hair, and be patient with the process.

Scissors Can Ironically Be Your Friend

This may sound counter-productive but regular trims are needed to grow really long hairs. Considering that the aim is to get the hair to grow as long as possible, why would you want to trim your hair? Well, the simple answer is that it helps to keep your hair healthy. You obviously know that it is only a healthy hair that can grow really long. But will trimming affect the time it will take your hair to grow? There are two ways to answer the question. Trimming your hair will definitely affect the length of the hair and the time it will take to gain more length, but it will also keep the tips healthy and prevent split ends. Considering that split ends cause your hair to break off high up the strand, using the scissors when you need to will actually help you grow a longer hair. Trimming is not something you should do all the time. Also, there is a limit to the length you should cut every now and then. Trimming off about an eighth of an inch every 10 to 12 weeks can help you grow your hair really long.

Use Hair Conditioner Every Time You Shampoo

Hair Conditioner

Shampooing your hair is necessary to get it clean. A healthy hair has to be clean, after all. But shampooing also has a way of exposing the hair to damages. As a result of regular treatment, the average hair starts to get thinner at the bottom with time. Such thin hair strands are more vulnerable whenever you finish shampooing it. Leaving it that way is a clear invitation for more hair damages. You can prevent this, however, by using conditioners each time you shampoo your hair. The Argan Oil Conditioner is an excellent conditioner you can use for your hair. The use of conditioners have several benefits for the hair but the most notable one is that it helps prevent damage. Conditioners help replace lipids and protein inside hair shafts. They also help to seal the cuticle and prevent more damages to the hair. Overall, using conditioner every time you shampoo with Argan Oil Shampoo helps make your hair healthier; and healthier hairs grow longer.

There Is No Need to Shampoo Every Time You Shower

We’ve already stated here that shampooing is good but can expose the hair to more damages. Shampooing too much certainly damages the hair and this can undermine your effort to grow your hair long. When you shampoo your hair, the aim is to get rid of dirt and product build-up on the hair. This is not something you need to do every time you shower. In addition to removing dirt and product build-ups, shampoos also rid your hair of its essential natural oils. These are the oils that keep your hair strands soft and healthy. When you shampoo constantly, these natural oils deplete steadily and this causes damages to your hair. Adopt a routine for shampooing your hair and don’t do it every time you shower. Instead of shampooing always, use conditioners on your hair instead. They keep your hair healthier, helping it to grow longer.

A Cold-Water Rinse after Each Shower Will Help a Lot

Cold Water Rinse

After showering how do you rinse your hair? This may seem like an insignificant question, but it is very important when you are hoping to grow a really long hair. It may be tempting to rinse your hair with warm water after each shower but how helpful is this? It is not helpful at all. In fact, using hot water to rinse your hair will expose it to heat damages. Cold water, on the other hand, lays down the outer layer of hair more smoothly. This will not only prevent heat damage but will equally prevent snags and moisture loss. Just take some few seconds to rinse your hair with cold water after each shower. It will go a long way in keeping your hair healthy as it grows longer.

Oil or Mask Treatment Should Be Applied Weekly

If you intend to keep a really long hair, you will be willing to keep it for years. This means your hair will definitely need more TLC than normal conditioner. The implication of this is that you need to take oil or mask treatment more seriously. To keep the healthy and encourage steady growth, you may need to apply oil or mask treatment on a weekly basis. If you are a fan of DIY, oil treatments are often straightforward. By mixing some beneficial natural oils like coconut, almond, argan, macadamia, and jojoba oils, you can give your hair an oil treatment that will keep it healthy and growing as you desire. Alternatively, you can also make your hair mask at home or buy some from a beauty shop or salon. The Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner is an amazing hair mask you can use on your hair on a weekly basis. These treatments should be applied and left for about 10 minutes before regular shampooing and conditioning.

Some Hair-Boosting Supplements Can Help

The hair is part of your body and needs to be nourished like the other parts in order to flourish. You should know by now that good nutrition is essential for hair growth. You also need to realize that to grow your hair really long, some supplements may be helpful. Your body needs ample protein and a slew of minerals for hair growth. You can get these from a balanced diet but you can improve the entire process by trying some supplements. Some supplements with the right nutrients to boost hair growth like Viviscal Extra Strength and biotin tablets can really help you to grow long hair. Supplements will not only make your hair grow faster but will also keep them healthier even as the length increases.

Brush Your Hair the Right Way

Brush Your Hair

Until you learn to brush the right way, you may never grow your hair to be really, really long. Poor brushing habit is one of the prime reasons for damaged hairs. Brushing too often doesn’t help your hair at all, just like brushing the hair when it is wet. There are also some kinds of combs and brushes that damage your hair when you think they are helping to make you look good. When brushing, start from the bottom and work your way up. Be gentle and minimize the amount of hair you lose at a time. You also need to invest in the right hair brushes if you want to grow very long hair. Boar bristle brushes are always very good just as detangling combs. Read more on how to brush your hair.

Say No to Cotton Pillowcase

When you really desire to grow long hair, you have to make changes in different aspects of your life. The pillowcase you sleep on, for instance, may need to change. Cotton pillowcases are not really good for your hair: you have to ditch them if you want to grow your hair long. Switch to satin pillowcases or silk, at least. This will ensure that you wake up with fewer tangles.

Do Not Wrap Your Hair in a Big Towel Again

Wrapping the hair in a massive towel is a thing many people are used to. What could be wrong with it? Well, it can cause severe hair breakage. It is common for hair strands to get caught in all the woven fibers of such big towels and break as a result. It is better to use super-thin and soft microfiber hair towels. Even when using towels to clean your hair, it is important that you do it gently. Do not be rough at all. Instead, pat your hair with the dry towel to absorb the water.

Switch up Your Pony Placement

This is unknown to many: your ponytail placement can affect the way your hair grows. If you pull your hair back often, it will be helpful to adjust where you place your ponytail each time. Placing it on the same spot every day can wear down the strands. Pull the hair back in a slightly different spot each day. It is also important that you use only cloth-covered elastic bands to avoid hair breakage. You also need to stop putting your hair up when it is still wet. Ponytails can help to keep your hair growing longer in a healthy manner but you need to get it right.

If You Have a Bleached or Fragile Hair, Don’t Put It Up With a Hair Tie  

It is always advisable to avoid whatever can cause your hair damage. If, however, you already have bleached or dry, super-fragile hair, you need to avoid putting the hair up with a hair tail. There is something stylist call ‘chemical cut’ that you have to avoid. It is an ugly situation where your hair literally breaks off at the point of tension when it is tied. A single ponytail can cause this when your hair is very fragile. Do not tie your hair up at all if you know it is bleached of super-fragile. You can twist your hair into a bun and clip it instead when you want it off your neck for any reason at all.

Avoid All Tools and Treatments That Can Damage Your Hair

Finally, if you really intend to grow your hair long, you need to avoid anything that can damage it. Hair damage affects the growth and makes it vulnerable to breakages. There are different tools and hair products that have been identified to contribute meaningfully to hair damage. Chemical relaxers are among the major ones. You need to pay attention to the ingredients in your hair care products. Hot tools, also, can cause hair damage. Minimize how you use them. The healthier your hair, the longer you can expect it to grow.

Your hair can actually grow to mermaid-worthy length. Once you desire it and work towards it, you can have it. The thirteen tips discussed here can help you tremendously to grow your hair really, really long.

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