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How to Brush Curly Hair the Right Way

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
How to Brush Curly Hair the Right Way

Curly hair can be really beautiful; you just have to care for it the right way. If your hair is naturally curly, you must have noticed by now that brushing it can be challenging. This is especially true when you are in a hurry. But you can get your curly hair to be incredibly beautiful when you brush it the right way. But what is the right or correct way to brush curly hair? Here, we will briefly discuss some helpful tips on how to go about it:

Don’t Overdo It

It is understandable that you want your curly hair to be untangled and beautiful always. Brushing can help but you don’t have to do it more often than necessary. As much as brushing your hair will make it look nice, doing it often can have a damaging effect. Excessive brushing of all hair types, including curly hair, can lift the cuticles of your hair and result to hair breakage. Brush your hair only when you need to.

Brush When Your Hair Is Wet

Brush When Your Hair Is Wet

Curly hair is mostly dry and brittle. Brushing it in this state can have damaging effect: it can lead to breakages and split ends. On the other hand, brushing your curly hair when it is wet will prevent damage and also make brushing easier. It will be helpful, therefore, that you move your brush from the blow-dryer drawer to your shower.

Use the Right Tools at All Times

Another thing that can make brushing curly hair troubling and damaging is using the wrong tools. There is hair brush for wet and dry hair as well as brushes that are meant for curly hair. Using the wrong hair comb or hair brush can cause tugging and snagging: this is how your hair gets damaged. Wide toothed combs and detangler brushes are better for curly hair and you must invest in them if you want to brush your curly hair the healthy way.

Moisturize Your Hair the Right Way before Brushing

Moisturize Your Hair before Brushing

You obviously know that your curly hair is prone to dryness. This means you need to moisturize it the right way before brushing. Choose your moisturizing products carefully for the best result. There are several amazing products made from natural ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil and other natural products that will keep your hair moisturized in a healthy manner.

Deep Condition

It is helpful to deep condition any type of hair but it is more helpful for curly hair. As has been mentioned here already, curly hair is always dry; deep conditioning can correct this problem and help you brush the hair thoroughly with little chances of causing any damage. There are leave-in conditioners and anti-frizz serums that can be really helpful in putting your dry curly hair in the best condition for brushing. You can also use argan oil hair conditioner to make things easier and better.

Try a De-Tangler

Due to the nature of curly hair and the need of many women, there are de-tangler spray products in the market. These products can be very helpful if you have a really stubborn dry curly hair. Using a de-tangler with a wide toothed comb can be very helpful.

Knowing how to brush your curly hair is very important. Brushing your hair the right way will eliminate the chances of damage as a result of brushing and help you keep a healthy and good looking hair. 

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