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Which Hair Brush Is The Best For Your Hair?

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
Which Hair Brush Is The Best For Your Hair?

When it comes to taking good care of the hair, people concentrate on getting the right hair care products. While getting the right products for your hair will play a significant role in keeping your hair in great condition, using the wrong haircare tools will have the opposite effect. Even when we talk about the right tools for the hair, many do not think about their hair comb or hair brush. This is in spite of the fact that brushes and combs are the most commonly used hair tools.

Just as there are different hair products for different hair types, there are different brushes for different hair types. Finding the perfect one for your hair will ensure that you minimize the chances of experiencing difficulty during hair styling or suffering hair damage. If you are wondering which brush will be best suited for your hair type, we will provide tips that can help when you want to buy new hair brushes:

Best Hair Brush for Curly Hair

Best Hair Brush for Curly Hair

Curly hair is often dry and difficult to brush. The best hair brushes for this type of hair are brushes with mixed bristles, specifically nylon mixed with Boar bristles. This type of hair brush will provide the right amount of tension and create high shine curls and waves. It is always better, too, when the bristles are well-spaced.

Best Hair Brush for Fine Hair

The perfect hair brush for women with finer hair should have boar bristles. Such brush will be gentle to the core and leave your delicate hair in the best condition when used the right way. Boar bristles brushes easily glide through the hair with little or no chance of pulling or snagging. They are also very good for dry hair, and there are less chances of hair breakage when they are used. They will even help to distribute oil from your scalp, conditioning your hair naturally.

Best Hair Brush for Medium-Thick Hair

Best Hair Brush for Medium-Thick Hair

For individuals that have medium-thick density hair, nylon bristles hair brushes are perfect. Nylon brushes are actually very versatile but their usefulness will be most appreciated when they are used on difficult thick hair. They can be very helpful in detangling, thanks to their flexibility. They are also very helpful in distributing hair products evenly throughout the hair.

Best Hair Brush for Short Hair

If your hair is really short or about shoulder-length, it will be best to use vented brushes. Typically made of stiff nylon or plastic, the bristles of these brushes are best for dry jobs or when you are pressed for time. They may not give your hair real polished look but they will make the entire process a lot easier and will reduce the chances of hair damage as a result of brushing short hair.

Best Hair Brush for Very Straight Hair

If you have extremely straight hair and will like to add some form of bounce, curl and volume to your hairstyle, a metal round brush can be very good. It will be more helpful when you use the brush with a hairdryer. You may have to avoid this brush if your hair is damaged, fragile of thinning.

When shopping for new hair brushes, it is important that you consider your type of hair. There are amazing tools including brush for wet and dry hair, but it is best that you buy the type that is most suitable for your hair type.

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