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How to Protect Your Hair against Heat Damage This Winter Season

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How to Protect Your Hair against Heat Damage This Winter Season


During the winter season, the weather is often freezing outside. To keep us warm and cozy, we usually turn on the indoor heat. This dry indoor heat combined with the extreme cold weather outside can wreak havoc on your precious hair. Unless you protect your hair, you will begin to experience split ends and breakage. Before the cold weather and indoor heat wrecks your perfect hair game, here are a couple of tips to help protect your hair.

Use Oil Based Moisturizer

A great way to protect your hair against heat damage during the winter season is by making use of oil-based moisturizer. With the indoor heat, your hair will dehydrate faster. The hair will also be prone to breakage, brittle texture, and split ends. Making use of a moisturizer keeps your hair hydrated and moisturized. Moisture evaporates slowly, thus, protecting your hair.

Treat Your Hair Weekly

Dry, hot air is not good for any kind of hair. With the increased indoor temperature, it is essential to keep your hair hydrated, at every point in time. You can achieve this by committing to weekly hair treatments. Pamper your hair at least once a week. Leave the conditioner on for about 30 minutes before washing off. This will enable moisture more time to penetrate into your hair shaft.

Use Leave-In Conditioners

During the cold winter weather, a lot of people experience floating, fine strands in their hair. This is a primary sign of hair dryness. Rather than sticking with your hair dryer routine, use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. If you want quality conditioners for your hair, the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set is the perfect products you need.

Minimize Washing

After washing your hair, the usual thing is to dry. However, with the indoor heat, applying more heat to your hair will get it damaged. Try as much as possible to limit washing your hair to two times a week. This will help minimize the amount of heat styling in your hair care routine, thus, preventing your hair from drying out.

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfate remains one of the most common ingredients in shampoo. However, the sulfate strips away the beneficial oils, thus, causing damaged hair. During the cold weather, invest in shampoos that are free of sulfate and other chemicals.

Cover Up

Also, continuous exposure to intense cold or heat can damage your hair. Whether you are indoors or going out, ensure that you are putting on a hat. This will help protect your hair from the indoor heat, dry air, and outside cold.

Use Argan Oil

Finally, Argan Oil is a fantastic product you can use to protect your hair during the cold period. Argan oil moisturizes the hair instantly. With this, your hair will stay hydrated and moisturized for an extended period. Our Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner is perfect for your hair.


There you have it! Above are a couple of tips to help protect your hair against heat damage this winter season. The winter months are back again. Don’t wait until your hair becomes damaged before making a move. By following the above tips with a little extra effort, you can protect your hair, keep the hair moisturized, hydrated and looking great during the cold winter season.





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