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What Hair Color Looks Best On Me

Posted by Quadri Abdur on
What Hair Color Looks Best On Me

One of the things that determine how you look is your hair color. Having the ideal hair color can make you look stunning at every point in time. As a result, it is important to figure out the hair color that looks best on you. Doing this will make such a huge difference in your looks.

However, there are many factors to take into account when trying to find the hair color that looks best on you. Unless you are trained in the color theory, you may not have much clue about the flattering hues. Below are some useful tips to help you choose the ideal hair color.

Skin Tone: Determine Whether You Have a Cool or Warm Skin Tone

women with different skin tone

One of the primary things to put into consideration when choosing your hair color is your skin tone. You can either have a warm or cool skin tone. If you already know your skin tone, you are probably lucky. Nonetheless, if you still have no idea about your skin tone, you have no reason to worry. You only need to zero in on your shade to determine your skin tone. The following tips will help you out.

Wash and Rinse Your Face: Wash and rinse your face thoroughly with slightly warm water. Wait for about 15 minutes. Leaving your skin for approximately 15 minutes after washing enables the skin to rest from the pink that appears from scrubbing or washing. Do not apply any lotion, makeup, or toner.

Color Test: Next is a color test to determine your skin color. To avoid light interference, choose a room that is well-lit with a natural source of light. Hold a shirt with bright shade against your face. Start by using a green or blue shirt. Repeat with a red or yellow shirt. If your skin looks better against the red or yellow shirt, you have a warm skin tone. However, if your skin looks better against the green or blue shirt, you have a cool skin tone.

Vein Test: You can also check your skin tone by taking a look at your wrist veins. People with green veins have a warmer skin tone, while those with blue or purple veins have cool skin tone.

Eye Color Test: The color of your eye can also help determine your skin tones. Gold flecks often mean that you have warm skin tones. However, lighter eyes such as pale brown and blue often indicate that you have cool undertones. For instance, honey brown eyes usually indicate that you have warm skin, while ice blue eyes mean that you have cool skin.

Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones

Once you have determined that you have a warm skin tone, hairs with cool tones will look best on you. These hair colors contain the word “ash” or “cool” in their title. The cool color nature of such hair will match your warm skin tone flawlessly.

For pale blond shade, you can select colors like platinum, champagne, beige, ash, silver, and sand. If you decide to opt for darker hair color, you can select fawn-colored brunette or red in the cooler shade. These hair colors will complement your skin tone perfectly. Hair shades such as rich black-brown, true red, Auburn, and burgundy will make you look stunning too.

Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones

However, if you find out, after the test, that your skin tone is cool, you should go for warm and rich hair colors. Hair colors like these will make you look brilliant and not washed out. Examples of warm hair colors that will match your cool skin tone have words like “honey,” “warm,” or “chocolate” as part of their names.

In a situation like this, you should care less about having very pale or dark skin. Your main concern is choosing a hair color which will balance out your dark or pale skin. If you want to go blonde, you can opt for hair color shades like gold, strawberry, caramel, amber, copper, honey, and butterscotch.

On the contrary, try as much as possible to avoid colors such as platinum, ashy blond, pure black, or silvery champagne. If you need a dark hair color to match your cool undertone, the best thing is to choose shades with rich, chocolate hues.

Select Your Shade Using Your Skin Complexion

What’s more, your skin complexion will also determine the kind of hair that will look best on you. The lighter your skin tone, the lighter or softer you can go with your hair. Individuals with medium skin can carry a wide spectrum of shades due to their versatile complexion. This also provides a lovely backdrop for high-contrast highlights. For those with a cool or warm skin tone that want to go Blonde, Redhead, or Brunette, here are some excellent ideas for you.


If you have a cool skin tone, search for the words "pearl blonde" or "ash" on the box. However, if you want something extreme, you can platinum.

If you have a warm skin tone, buttery hair color such as golden or copper blonde will help create a perfect balance.

If you want to look neutral, search for words such as "sun-kissed" or "sandy" on the box. Ombre will also make you look flattering.


If you have a cool skin tone, choose violet-based hair colors such as cherry, fire-engine red, and strawberry blonde. These are perfect to complement your skin tones.

If you have a warm skin tone, you can consider trying auburn, cinnamon, or titian red colors. These orangey shades really pop and make you look amazing.

If you want to look neutral, you can opt for a red-brown combo such as amber. This will blend nicely with your olive complexion.


If you have a cool skin tone, both cocoa and chestnut hair colors are great choices. Ash brown hair color will also suit you.

If you have a warm skin tone, consider trying hair color with light-reflective shades. These include espresso, caramel, and honey. They also possess an overall brightening effect that will make you look chic.

If you want to look neutral, hair colors with rich, dark tones are best for you. You can try out chocolate, nutmeg or hazelnut.

Commitment: How Much Effort, Time, & Money Are You Willing To Invest In Your Hair?

Another factor to consider when searching for the hair color that looks best on your is the amount of effort, time, and money you are willing to put into your hair as well as your hair color. Having amazing hair involves taking adequate care of your scalp. Hence, you should be ready to take good care of your new hair if you finally decide to change it. If not, you may not be able to maintain your new hair color.

Hair Products

There are lots of hair products on the market today. However, it is important to use hair products that contain essential ingredients such as antioxidants, Coconut oil, Argan Oil, and so forth. An excellent example of such a hair product is the Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner. Products like these can help nourish and clean your hair properly. If you can invest in quality products, you can easily maintain your new hair color. With this, your hair will look fresh, invigorating, and happy at every point in time.

For instance, if you have dark hair and you want to go blonde, you need to touch up the root of your hair every month. In fact, after going blonde, you will need to invest in quality shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfate. This is because going blonde requires that you strip the moisture and pigment of your hair. Hence, you need to quality shampoos and conditioners which will help replenish your hair moisture.

Fortunately, if you want quality and amazing shampoos and conditioners the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set are just the ideal products for your hair.

Heat Protectants

Furthermore, your hair will look excellent if you blow-dry and straighten often. However, doing this without a heat protectant will only damage your new hair. Hence, you need good quality heat protectants as well as shampoo. With this, your hair will look fabulous without having to wash daily. Besides, washing color-treated hair daily can lead to further damages. If you have dry, damaged hair, the Argan Oil Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair is ideal for you. It is infused with Biotin to help repair your damaged hair.

In case you are not ready to invest a great deal of effort, time, and money in your hair, it is advisable to choose a hair color that is very close to the natural color of your hair. This way, taking care of your hair and hair color becomes easy and budget-friendly.

Eye Color and Hair Color

Another factor that can determine the hair color that looks best on you is your eye color. Our eyes have a way of complementing our beauty and appearance. If your eyes are turquoise, golden brown, green, hazel with brown flecks or gold, having warm tones in your hair will make you look stunning.

However, if you have black-brown, deep brown, dark blue, gray-blue, or hazel with gray, white, or blue spots eyes, you will look awesome when you have cool shade in your hair. Once you are able to determine the color of your eyes, you can choose a hair color that will look best on you.

Consider Your Age

Furthermore, before choosing your next hair color, it is important to consider your age. Your age will determine the hair color that looks best on you. As we age, softer hair colors look cool. Extreme or harsh hair color such as black, platinum blonde will make the skin wrinkles and imperfections look obvious. This will make you look old.

If you are still young and you want to have fun, you can simply try out some fun with extreme hair colors or something bold. However, as you get older, it is advisable that you choose softer hair color and avoid the harsh shades.


There you have it! Above are a couple of tips to help you choose the hair color that will look best on you. As a matter of fact, it is fun to change from one hair color to another. However, picking any color that comes to your mind may not be good enough. If you like to make the right fashion statement and look stunning, you need to choose hair colors that best suit your skin tone, shade, eyes, and age.

Nevertheless, ensure that you opt for hair colors that you have the effort, money, and time to maintain. By making use of all the information above, you can determine the hair color that will look best on you. If done right, your new hair color will make you look beautiful and attractive at every point in time, just like your favorite celebrities and super models.

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